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Living in the Mulholland Corridor for 25 plus years, Walt Miller purchased the 3.5 acre property and home next door in 2005. His mom and dad, Ron and Diane Miller,  founded Silverado Vineyards in Napa Valley in 1980, so it was a intriguing idea to try the wine growing business on his own, and in 2006 and 2007 about a half acre of the property was planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache and Merlot, producing about 180 cases a year. 

B.Alan Geddes.... Our Winemaker 


A local Viticulture and Enology consultant, B. Alan Geddes began his adventure in the wonderful world of wine 16 years ago as an avid, award winning home wine maker. His passion for making wine led him to educate himself in numerous Viticulture and Enology courses offered by University California, Davis.  There, he became certified as a California State Commercial Wine Judge and now serves as a wine judge at the Orange County Fair, California State Fair in Sacramento, Lodi International Wine Competition and various wine events throughout California.  He also works as a wine consultant for various wine distributors.

Currently, he is the owner and head wine maker for Grape Expectations Custom Crush Winery in Westlake Village where he plans to continue making the best wines, from locally grown grapes, that Southern California has to offer. 

B. Alan is also a certified instructor and wine educator.  He's taught wine appreciation through sensory evaluation specializing in French and Italian wines at UCLA Extension as well as other facilities throughout Southern California.

One of the first things B. Alan discovered as a wine maker is that you can only produce wine as good as the grapes you are given.  So, for him, it was a straight line to study and learn as much about viticulture through University California, Davis as possible.  Then he adapted their viticultural techniques to the obscure areas and different microclimates of Southern California.  This gives B. Alan the unique ability to make your wine the very best it can be - starting in your vineyard.

 It is a well known fact that in the world of growing grapes and making wine there is never a guarantee of quality or success. Experienced grape growers and wine makers will tell you that one way we learn is through others and sometimes through our own mistakes and missteps.  B. Alan offers a chance to achieve success in your vineyard -- producing the best potential wine your grapes can produce - the first time!

 "The secret to understanding and enjoying the dizzying World of Wine begins with developing your own personal love of wine.  Cheers!"

Calabasas Peak Vineyards Varietals

Our Calabasas Peak Vineyards wine is made from 100% estate grown fruit from the Calabasas Peak Vineyards . 

We grow 4 different varietals on the land here in the Mulholland corridor.  In total we have about 560 planted vines, on about a half acre, that produce close to 180 cases a year.

Block A Syrah was the first vineyard planted in 2006. This small vineyard of about 90 plants sits at the lowest part of the property. 

In 2007 we planted Block B Grenache, Block C Syrah, Block D Cabernet Sauvignon and just a smidgeon of Merlot in Block E. 

Block A
977 clone
Root stock 101-14

Block B
Grenache Noir
FPS 03 clone
1103P root stock

Block C
FPS 07 clone
1103P root stock 

Block D
Cabernet Sauvignon
337 clone
110 R root stock 

Block E 
FPS 15 clone
110 R root stock